Customer Journey

We have learned how to display our idea from recognising brand identity to designing meaningful experience for customers to make them not only to buy our product but also to recommend it to others. Then, we started to develop the customer journey for our brand through ZMOT (zero moments of truth) mental model. ZMOT is […]

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First Trade Fair

We went to the trade fair in the business school at Kingston University which was my first time to tell people our idea directly in public activity. It was not only a good experience to try the selling skills that we have learned from the modules in the real world, but also an excellent chance […]

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Den of Dragon

Dragan’s Den is a TV show that describing a short self-recommended from the entrepreneur in front of five or six investors to ask for funding. And this week was the week for Dragan’s Den in Kingston UniversityBusiness School. Actually, it was an excellent experience overall, and I also learn a lot through this experience. Generally […]

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Redesign the Experiences

These two weeks were the weeks for us to do the exercises to redesign the experiences for others from empathy. It was a little bit harder than redesigning the experience that we had before because we might totally have no idea about the experience and the knowledge included from others. For example, John is a […]

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