Den of Dragon

Dragan’s Den is a TV show that describing a short self-recommended from the entrepreneur in front of five or six investors to ask for funding. And this week was the week for Dragan’s Den in Kingston UniversityBusiness School. Actually, it was an excellent experience overall, and I also learn a lot through this experience.

Generally speaking, I hate presentation, butI’m not here saying I finally learn how to present in front of a crowd in English. I’m assuming that teamwork is a good thing. Why? Because of presentation has a Q & A section. To be honest, I am the guy who can’t be questioned in front of people because I will freak out and being stammer. Sometimes because forced by the situation, I can have a typical response. However, it’s all about percentage. Nevertheless, when the teamwork, you could focus on what you’re good at instead of gambling for the thing you’re not good at. On the other hand, it was a valuable experience to present the thing you pay effort in front of people and have feedback directly.

Moreover, the following paragraphs are the notes I noted during the Dragan’s Den, and they are messed up. However, I think all of them are from my genuine emotional thought, and they are a period of me.

Basically, I love the other team’s idea very much. Sometimes has a feeling is that hope them really make the things out. I will pay you, please make it out.

I think the thing I remember most is my teammates’ and mine emotion was on the same page as nervous, and I could feel it. That kind of experience is always good because I can be linking with people’s feeling even if it’s just in a snap. And it somehow proves that I’m not alone.

“I’m alone because every idea is so crafted and I can only build one idea. One person could only think out one thing and looking from one or two angles a time. However, with everyone’s angle, we might finally find out a strong entrepreneurship idea.” I just daydream like that when I’m so nervous that I can’t focus on the introductory remark. I am sorry. 

So basically, the judge care about competitors, cost, margin profit, and intelligence property issue. Then I want to talk about each of the dimensions from my own opinion. So according to our own research, which is based on Google, seems there are no competitors. However, some part of me inside my mind is talking about that you know nothing about research. But after a while, that I just disappeared.

Expressing yourself in front of people is a tricky thing. Showing yourself in a foreign language is also a tricky thing. Combine these two we can get a chaos situation, and we call it the X which is the cost of learning. There are so many international students have conquered the X. However, what makes the X? Capitalist or society?

In the same time, I really appreciate that I could have this chance to do the Dragan’s Den, it’s a really creative and educational class. It uses experience literally to teach students what it should be like. And it’s stunning and practical. Thank you.


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