Generating an idea is impossible nowadays?

This week all of our goals is to rethink our idea and to make it as realistic as possible. Because our original idea was about the portal smoking ash bin, it was a little bit controversial due to the possibility to encourage people to smoke. Even though our starting point was to make the environment cleaner, it still was refused. Thus, we fell into a hell named idea generating.

Before this, I thought I was a creative guy that had lots of idea in my head and could express them adequately. However, when we started to generate ideas that could be presented for a business plan which means we need to know how to make money through this idea, then we just blanked out during every single face to face meeting. Every problem in our life have been fixed by someone, and everything had been made already. Especially in Japan and China, the people from these two countries literally have created everything. They even make shoes’ umbrella which looks a joke entirely. However, the existing products on the market meant that those ideas have already generated by others and not fresh anymore.

It was a frustrating week. 

Besides, when our team was still struggled by generating ideas, the other teams had started to visualise their ideas already. They began to use visual templates such as business model canvases or lean canvases which have been proven to enhance performance within start-up teams. Because visual templates could drive attention, force articulation, and maintain interaction, so they are used precisely when a start-up team is trying to find out theirbusiness model. Eventually, the visual language is intuitive and persuasive, so it’s also effectively used in cross-cultural groups where members belong to various national cultures.

An idea from my friends was so good, but I was not sure if that could solve the problems. That was a luggage case that can be opened uprightly. Because it is very annoying when people need to crouch to open the luggage case and sometimes there are enough places for the luggage case opening horizontally. When I heard this idea was so exciting because that was precisely the problem I met in my life. However, when I think that twice, I found it does not make sense actually because people always stuff their things into the luggage case with a little arrangement. It would be unnecessary to open the case uprightly instead of horizontally because the gravity would make all the things squeezed in the bottom of the luggage case.

Eventually, we used lots of methods to generate a business idea. For example, we asked simple questions such as what do we like or be good at most, made those words combine together, and saw what would happen. Finally, we turned out two problems in our life that annoying most. One is that we would get bruised a lot while we are dancing, the other is the guitar pick which is a plectrum used for guitars would often lose during the performance. I think we could dig more profound for them to find out the business plan to solve these problems


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