The hard part of Teamwork is to work as a team

I’m not a person who is used to teamwork. Basically, I used to think that working individually is much more effective than teamwork because it is hard to organise a single thought to gain process. If it is a large team, the conclusion could be voted, and there definitely would be someone or parties to be made of that. On the other hand, a small squad would be worse because people would like to apply deliberative democracy to show their respect for everyone’s opinion, and it would turn out prolonged progress of the project. Moreover, if the team is organised by people from different cultures, it would take lots of time to communicate and integrate opinions because every cultures’ language logic is different. Even though all of the members are talking in English, but the translation in brains and diverse communication skills from each culture would make time become a precious resource in a start-up team.

However, I changed my thought about teamwork in these two weeks.

Our brand name is Danza. In these two weeks, my teammates and I have tried so hard to finish the lean canvas. First, we define the problem and our customer segments which is our target customers and the issues we want to help them to solve. Second, we figure out the unique value proposition of Danza which need to explain why we are different and could be chosen by customers rather than others. Third, we describe how Danza works. Then we try to find ways to reach customers and define our distribution path fourth step. Fifth, to draw our business model could be so hard that including cost and revenue estimation. After we measure the critical activities in step six, we would define the unfair advantages which are the features could not easily be copied or bought in the seventh step.

Basically, dimensions as mentioned above of lean canvas are our business secret, so I could not spoiler the details of them. The only thing I could tell is that those things are trying to find as a team because the more people, the more diverse voices are.

However, eventually, we did it.

We did it probably because of lots of face to face meeting. I do not understand why we need so many meeting instead of Skype chatting online. In my original opinion, all of the outcomes of teamwork could be gained online. In the same time, a division of the works that everyone finishes their own part individually and combine in the end is the way to process most effectively. However, when I was saying that, my best friend told me one thing that totally changed my mind. The phrase was “working individually, and combining the end could gain progress effectively, but then it is not the teamwork”.How a wonderful phrase to awakening a dreamer! After this, I started to ponder what the teamwork is. It’s a complicated question.

By the way, the graphics in this post are all designed by me, they are the candidates of Danza’s logo.


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