First Trade Fair

We went to the trade fair in the business school at Kingston University which was my first time to tell people our idea directly in public activity. It was not only a good experience to try the selling skills that we have learned from the modules in the real world, but also an excellent chance to understand which part of our project could be further improved. For me, it was an excellent challenge to explain what my team and I were doing.

At first, because the trade fair was held on the campus, I thought the people would pass by might be only students or teachers which means our product, specifically designed for dancers, could probably not meet the customers. However, people surprisingly know more about dancing than I expected. They came and talked and left some e-mail address and comments. The very first time I had a pitch by myself, I remembered that I had a severe stammer, but those customers just looked like they finally understand how dancers would hurt themselves after my explanation. Thus, I thought it was a side-effect that people could realise something they did not know during the business conversation, no matter how big the conversation is.

One thing I learned from the trade fair was that only brought the things related to your product on the table. There was too many irrelevant information on our table like flowers and the second logo paper. Besides, the poster behind us on the wall looks not ours. Moreover, my colleagues and I wear white shirts, and we were much more eye-catching than our product on a mannequin. Even we look good; it is terrible for a product because the product should always be the main point under the spotlight that could appeal the focus of passersby.

Except for experiencing, what I learned from the first trade fair was the importance of starting a pitch. Because most of the people including me were the first time to join the fair like this and had no idea what they should do at the moment, most of the people from our class just acted accordingly based on min observation. Some of them thought they should print some leaflets to give away as an advertisement; some of them thought to start a pitch actively could help the brand increase the possibility of exposure, so they kept soliciting passersby, and most of us including me just stood on point and waited for people to come to talk to me. I could not know which of the selling strategies was more effective. However, it was precisely the exciting part of building the learning field in the real world that we could see so many possibilities of finding methods or making mistakes.

We have received some advice and some compliment. One of the opinions was that we could broaden the categories of our product further. For example, since we only focus on contemporary dancers, we have thought that our target customers could be ballet dancers and hip-hop dancers as well. However, the guy told us that we could make DANZZA reach any of the ground-touched activities which really make sense. Thus, the suggestions from passersby literally changed the thinking way of our own product in a minute. It was so cool and I really appreciate it.


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